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No matter what you do to be healthy, it starts with what you eat since the first moment of your life.

“Morals are not the important thing–nor enlightenment–nor civilization.

A man can do absolutely well without them, but he can’t do without something to eat.

The supremest thing is the need of the body, not of the mind and spirit.”

Mark Twain


Mark Twain the favorite American was simple, today we know he was right.


The food industry realized that “control the food supply and you control the people” .

It is more and more difficult to eat healthy and delicious on a reasonable budget .

The best  individual interest as well as the public health are not respected .


Eating is essential for living but we know today that what we eat builds up our brain.


The Brain is protected by the Blood-Brain-Barrier.

The nutriments have to pass this barrier to feed the brain .
Brain is where all commands are generated for the body to produce and control all actions.

The brain is also using these signals to generate ideas and intelligence.

Some nutriments are not reaching the brain as some nutriments are toxic for it.



Nutrition is the main determinant of one life.

Past generations organized their activities with the goal to provide food to grow their family.

This behavior is common to all living species on earth.


Stark Naked Truth on Health and Nutrition 

Because here we are presenting just few things you need to get healthier to recover energy with optimism and a youthful feeling.

You know “you are what you eat”


Today you want to know what to buy to feed a healthier you .

Plant based nutrition for a healthier life

Plant based nutrition for a healthier life



You know the health benefits of a plant base nutrition .

You are looking for a nutritional service to help you to set the nutrition plan doable.

Healthy, Simple, and Affordable , a plan you like and you can do by yourself for the rest of your life


French born in Paris I learnt early in my life to organize the weekly menu,

Suffering a juvenile arthritis, I learnt to move and eat to manage the pain and have an apparently normal life.

Medical Doctor by early vocation, I used the libraries worldwide to understand the active principle of these old remedies and nutriments which made centenarians.

I read these old secrets with the light of immunology and molecular biology.

Today I am happy to age with less pain , more mobility and the same size I had in my twenties

It is time to share all this knowledge to help others .

” Genetics load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger” 


 Being healthy isn’t just about food benefits or exercising, it is a lifestyle , a state of mind that combines the two in your environment.


Have the plan to take you where you want to be

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”      Benjamin Franklin


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Cooking for the heart : healthy and delicious

Cooking for the heart : healthy and delicious

Food benefits : healthy and delicious



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