If you’re looking for a nutritional service to help you learn how to eat healthy, with an affordable budget…
You want to lose weight, to improve your health and slow down the ageing process…
You want personal guidance to make a diet and stay on   it…
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Eating is a necessity , eating healthy is a choice.

Here it is not to follow a boring  diet with frustration, it is to experience healthy staple food that made centenarians in different places of the world . 

Here you find the information to chose what you prefer with the goal to prevent chronic diseases and  to keep a healthy weight when enjoying to eat .

The right nutriment exists in different foods we can find in the  different parts of the world.

Life is priceless , health has a budget.

To the best with a budget is to avoid waste .

1/ buy what you need : organic/bio food gives the security to get the minimum of chemicals

2/to determine a portion let you control your need but also your budget

3/ to be sure to get all you need make a weekly shopping list .


There is not a diet to fit all .

Nutrition must consider gender age and activity.

  • Genders: We are different by the different hormones which target organs and metabolism . 
  • Ages: Each age has different needs .
  • Activity : Each profession has different needs to support different skills.


  • Have a professional to help you to start a nutrition plan to respond to your own needs.
  • Be the Chef: Learn how to cook from scratch , to store , to use food when you need it.
  •  Rethinking  Your Nutrition from all you have learnt
  • Brain-Heart  is controlling all signals to build and maintain the body.
  • Heart-Brain generates ideas , creativity .

I worked intensively on Brain development, chronic diseases starting in main circulation before opening the Blood-Brain-Barrier and damaging the brain functions.

I worked in most factors involved in cardiovascular diseases, lowering oxygenation, slowing different organs function , brain included.

Millennials want to be healthy , to cook from scratch without spending hours in the kitchen.

Stark Naked Health is here:

1/ To answer questions about relationship between  health and food.

2/ To give information about nutriments and recipes to use them

We are presenting few things you need to get healthier to recover energy with optimism and a youthful feeling.


Plant based nutrition for a healthier life

Plant based nutrition for a healthier life 

You know the health benefits of a plant base nutrition  you want to do it , you do not want to be a strict vegan….

Here is  a nutritional service

1/to help you to set your choices ,  

2/ to respect what you like , what you can do with your time on your budget.

Healthy, Simple, Doable and Affordable , to keep you healthy for the rest of your life


French born in Paris I learnt early in my life to organize a weekly menu,

Suffering a juvenile arthritis, I learnt to move and eat to manage the pain and have an apparently normal life.

Medical Doctor by early vocation, I used the libraries worldwide to understand the active principle of these old remedies and nutriments making centenarians.

I read these old secrets with the light of immunology and molecular biology.

Today I am happy to age with less pain , more mobility and the same size I had in my twenties

It is time to share all this knowledge to help others .

” Genetics load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger” 

 Being healthy isn’t just about food benefits or exercising, it is the satisfaction to feel good .

Whatever you want to accomplish you need a plan.

To be happy and healthy is not different.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”      Benjamin Franklin



Cooking for the heart : healthy and delicious
Cooking for the heart : healthy and delicious

Naked truth on human body: Flat tummy = Good digestion

Naked truth on human body: Flat tummy = Good digestion. Measuring the waist line is a simple test to check a health status.

Make your food your first preventive medicine

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