• As a breakfast to lose weight when kipping a maximum of energy
  • Ginger: Pain killer and anti-inflamatory as Ibuprofen Tumeric adds anti-cancer properties
  • Less than 300 cal packed with minerals done in less than 15 mn and delicious
  • Cocoa nuts with its benefits
  • All it needs to get energy without stocking fat
  • We are what we eat The queen bee shows how true this quote is
  • Fresh mangos, mint, plain yogurt to start a day with a sunny smile
  • Avocado, Beet and grapefruit for a healthy salad
  • The best advocate for a healthy life

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The Naked Truth on Health and Nutrition 


Losing weight with food benefits and exercise may be simple if:

  • You know what you need to eat and what you have to avoid
  • What exercise you have to do and when
  • What help you to have enough sleep to wake up ready for the day
  • Have a plan to have the peace that matters for you 


How to lose weight, keep it ,

How to slow aging and stay healthy for the rest of your life


The healthy way to lose weight is a life style with knowledge and discipline to give you the power to feel free and strong 

Naked truth on human body: Flat tummy = Good digestion

Naked truth on human body: Flat tummy = Good digestion

 Why do you want to lose weight?

You areyoung and you want to stay the person you are as long as possible,

You want to become healthier,

You want to lower your blood pressure, as advised during the last check up,

You want to prevent diabetes running in your family,

You want to get normal level of cholesterol, from the last warning ?


    ” Genetics load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger” 

Being healthy isn’t just about food benefits or exercising, it is a lifestyle that combines the two in your environment.

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else” Leonardo Da Vinci

You have to figure what is good for you , set the equation:


 Fuel intake = < energy burnt  

Now the plan will take you where you want to be

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Benjamin Franklin


“do not let the burden on your shoulders falling on your hips”

Nobody can afford to be sick today 


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Cooking for the heart : healthy and delicious

Food benefits : healthy and delicious



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