Prevention is the new Prescription

ake your food your first medicinePerfect to start a detox to prepare spring time.

Prevention is the new Prescription.

Junk food intoxication is today at the stage of tobacco in the 60s.

Any progress in Healthcare and public health is going to succeed only with a change of the way we are eating.

For lent time, who is fasting 40 days?

Who remembers to have fasted once?

Start with this vegan anti-oxidant cocktail and you may be ready to start some changes in your lifestyle.

Whatever bad is your health today, your body has spare cells to repair failing organs.

At 30+ my father has to choose between changing his lifestyle or making a young widow with orphans.

His M.D. best friend was clear, no man survived 40th birthday, at that moment, with the blood pressure numbers he had.

My father was not a man afraid of change.

He asked another MD friend, hematologist, Nobel price recipient to be in 1980.

The answer was interesting:

“You have to change your lifestyle”

No more than a restaurant per week just when obliged, then the healthy routine took place. in the family.

The French fries were banned as well as traditional “beignets” (except for Mardi Gras).

No processed foods. My mother has to learn to plan weekly menus and she attended classes how cooking healthy and tasty. She made her own research on what was the healthiest food in the world.

No margarine and other modified fats.

No sugar, no soda, no candies.

We started to understand the importance of simple life to prevent heart diseases.

The blood numbers were corrected, my father became a healthy successful businessman, keeping his teenage weight and most of his energy.

A striking observation appeared in the 60s, in different studies worldwide: the survivors of cardiac failures were only Medical doctors or close friend and family.

What was the secret behind these results?

The answer was easy to understand.

Medical world knows since Hippocrates: “Make your food your first medicine.”

In the 60s the general hope was to eat anything and get the pill to correct if any problem raised.

Were pharmaceutical companies working for us, the people?

They convinced an army of representatives to invite medical teams to fancy restaurants, and we discovered new diseases created by new lifestyle: new fast food restaurants, a new invasion of chemicals to keep houses clean.

The general denial was impossible to overcome.

Old nutritionists were attacked by the new scientific medical wave, as “has been” when it was not “charlatans”.Prevention was worthless and boring.

Prevention was worthless and boring.

The empire of tobacco and food industry was governing. The chemical industry grew fast and took control since of the economic development and decision makers.

Then sciences started to prove the place of tobacco in lung cancers, high blood pressure and more to come.

Process food and soft drinks were linked to the rise of obesity, new cancers, the scientific studies were never accepted to be published: No interest. Results: no grant to make extensive, multicenter, statistically correct studies.

Now we know what the medicine of all time told us, we are what we eat.

We know also that our bodies must move, and breath clean atmosphere, receive positive signals.

Have a simple lifestyle and enjoy celebration when the moment comes. Your system can correct, once not every day.

Your body has a great number of cells, in reserve, ready to defend and repair any organ.

Just avoid to poison them, let them work.

If you have a question,  ask.

If you want to taste what is healthy food, go to recipes in this site.

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