Cancer: Prevention, Treatment, Both ?

Cancer Prevention, best treatment?

Prevention, treatment, both.

Prevent, treat and live with a cancer is an everyday concern.

If it is true that 85 % of cancers may be prevented, it is far to be admitted by all.

Whatever caused cancer, we surmised, had something to do with chromosomes.

Something went wrong in the genetic control of the cellular process to eliminate the development of an anarchic cell becoming a tumor.

When cancer is diagnosed, the cellular control is already disrupted, the cellular network is no more working properly because the signals had changed to let the tumor grow, the metabolic cascade to protect the right cellular development is damaged.

Treatment must be implemented before the body can resume controlling the genetic patrimony.  

Treatments are precise

Decades ago when I was consulting as a clinical immunologist in the department of urology, we decided to start to educate patients to live with cancer.

We were starting to treat with results showing hopes to restore patients’ life expectancy.

I chose to be more oriented to prevention because I saw the risk to have cancer increasing on our view.

Progress in medicine has been encouraging.  Some cancers were killing more than 98 % the first year I started Medical School; they were treated with success for 92% of patients with new treatments before I was a graduate, 8 years later.


Rare cancers were becoming more common they were decades ago>

They are killing today without an appropriate cure.  They are now very common at any age.

Cancer was seen as an aging cellular defect by the pioneers who started efficient treatment in Marie Curie path.

lymphocytes killing a cancer cell

We have to coop with these new forms.

We know that almost 85% of cancers can be avoided by environment and food regulation. Some chemicals are increasing the risk to develop cancer. It is well documented but the lawmakers are slow to act in the public health benefit.

Junk food, lifestyle, environment, chemicals are part of the polemic to ask for regulation, labels. The right to buy what we want to eat is not obvious for lawmakers.

Eating is a necessity. We need to know what to eat to stay in good health.


We know today to reduce the individual risk to have cancer:

Everyday food to prevent chronic diseases, cancers included

1/ Eat food without chemical additives, read the labels, buy organic/bio every time it is possible.

2/ Drink spring water, and teas using spring water. Do not add sweeteners.

3/ Have a plant-based diet

4/ Use vegetable fats, MUFA and PUFA to balance the level of saturated fats

5/ Use as less as possible animal-derived products.

6/ Avoid to add sugar

7/ Be sure to move more than 30 minutes every day.

Keeping the body in motion is a necessity.

With these seven commandments, you must reduce by 85%, your risk to develop cancer or reactive an old one already treated.

Most of the human must be blessed enough to be cancer free with simple personal adjustments.

If you want to know more ask a question.

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When your food becomes your medicine

Recipe: Arugula Avocado and Beets Sandwich


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