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Ikigai 生き甲斐


Jeanne Calment who lived 122 years has a special longevity.

She was born in the upper middle class, she has not to work to get money.

She was extremely active in her family and her community.

She has a life with sense.

She can be described as the Japanese from Okinawa, eating and drinking a large range of antioxidants.

She did not have a real special diet, but chocolate, salads, what I will call a customized Mediterranean diet.

At that time it was all organic, she has also as most French women a portion control serving. A well-educated woman was never hungry, thirsty, she knew to control the pantry.

She was a kind of socialite in a little town, the fraud about her death is a nonsense , having an active function in the church, to help people in distress to sing for the service or to raise money for the unprivileged.

Moving, having practiced few sports, walking and biking until 110.

Playing piano or knitting to keep movements in her hands.

Reading and learning new songs and short poems to maintain her memory clear.

All these people who passed 90, were all with goals, waking up to do something and be part of a community.


To start to consider life expectancy, practicing Ikigai can help to start with these few questions:


What you love:

What you can be paid for:

What you are good at:

What the world needs:





Starting a new year is the moment in the cycle of time to answer these questions and make the change your life needs.


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