Carrie Fisher passed this morning after a cardiac arrest in a flight from London to LA.

We observe more and more deadly cardiac failure after a more than 6 hours flight in basic condition. Intensive Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation must be performed from the first sign to avoid a fatal issue.

A heart in arrest without oxygenation is not able to resume, it works properly in Intensive Care whatever it may be the best of the world.

To work, a heart needs to be able to contract its muscles and that needs oxygen. Since Charles Lindberg and Alexis Carel, we know the importance to bring oxygen to a falling organ.

Human life is dependent of tissue oxygenation. It is a fact.

We have to respect few “God” rules

Remember Tim Russert, what happen to him when he passed in his office of NBC preparing “Meet the Press”, just after flying from Roma to Washington DC.

A cardiac surgeon was thinking of a micro embolism developed during the flight with a weak venous circulation. I was thinking about all these accidents I saw, it is why I developed a mobile ECMO pump. Tissue oxygenation is LIFE.

During a flight, anyone has a weak oxygenation. When you are healthy, you drink a quarter of water every 3 hours of flight, you get out of your seat every 2 hours, then out of the plane and you drink water and breath again to let your body heal.

When you are tired, from an infectious disease with high fever, your oxygen absorption is low.

You are not trying to breath deeper, you are nauseous, you are not ready to drink water and to move out of your seat. Unfortunately, it is the very moment you need oxygen.

The risk, having a cardiac failure is maximum.

Life is fragile be sure to do what it needs to not interrupt it too soon.

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