Women : are you having a cardiac failure ?

 Guess what are the signs of a cardiac attack for a woman?

go-red-for-womenHave a little French lesson

The 3 major signs of a cardiac failure for women are:

1/ Intense fatigue       

2/ Short breath       

3/ Nausea

In 2000, the Wall Sreet Journal related how women were not treated as equal to men face of cardiac diseases.

It took more than a decade to start to observe different signs and define treatments for women with cardiovascular diseases.

Women had less cardiac failure in the past because they had a plant based diet, with they fasted and practiced portion control.

They were walking, they did not smoke, they were working as housekeepers or seamstress.

The privileged women were walking too and observing fast weekly, 40 days lent to prepare Easter and a 60 days lighter diet before the holidays season.

The supper with soups was for women, Maxima passed at 104 years old. I remember her preparing her soup after serving her husband with a classic French dinner.  She survived him more than 40 years.

The major cause of women death was infectious diseases especially during postpartum.

It took some time to realize that modern women have cardiac diseases.

The feminine metabolism is different, they can take 1 glass of wine when men can tolerate 2. They have to eat less sugar, less fat than men. When women are more paying attention to their weight, to their food.

When women are more paying attention to their weight, to their food, as Maxima they have a soup for dinner, they can have a long life ahead. Women like the fat burning soup to stay fit, it prevents cardiovascular diseases, they love to fast with it during their 2 days of work break.

It looks that they have a higher risk to get post menopause cardiovascular diseases, they need to take care of themselves to avoid the kind of accident that took Carrie Fisher. It must be a wake-up call for most women wanted to wait spring time to loose weight.

The signs are not described by our ancestors, women changed in all aspects of the new society. In our generation, there is a new lifestyle.

In our generation, there is a new lifestyle, women have a new place, new diseases.

All of this explains why we had to turn to 2000 to start to consider women health and cardiac failure.

Go red for women, is supported by  American Heart Association and Stroke Foundation, it was created to take better care of women vascular diseases.

We are at the point that we do not know the specific signs of cardiac failure for women, remember:

1/ Intense fatigue

2/ Short breath

3/ Nausea,

This is how few women, French filmmakers, present with humor the missing semiology in public knowledge about women heart failure signs.

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Un casting pas comme les autres ( a casting when we do not  know how to play the part )

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