“The Avocado Affair”

 I love avocado unconditionally.


Dr Claude Martin-Mondiere M.D. PhD

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When we love something that much, it’s always because there is something positive inside.

I tried to understand what makes me feel good. After some research, I discovered that I was not alone.

Found in Mexico, even before the existence of human life, avocados were the blueberries of giant mammals.

This fruit has been at the center of numerous pre-Columbian legends.

It has been valued as an aphrodisiac, enhancing sexual drive for men in all primitive cultures. Recent studies have confirmed this and explained why.

Cell membranes are made of lipids, and avocado works as a fat carrier for water soluble nutrients that can thus be absorbed by the body.

The diversity of “good” fats helps to improve brain function and to deliver energy.

It is a fat burner, great to include in a weight loss program, enhancing energy with a minimum calorie intake.

It is available all year round everywhere in the world (at a very low price in subtropical producing countries).

Last but not least,  pairing avocados with other delicious foods enhance both taste and health benefits.


What you’ll find in The Avocado Affair:

  • Information on history and major health benefits you will not find in any other books.
  • Why eating avocados makes you feel good and delays aging.
  • New easy recipes to use the explained health benefits that will make you glow.

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