The Healthy World According to Dr. Martin-Mondiere



stethoscope-clipart-7 When medicine was built from clinical observation, old secrets made healthy centenarians.

Today , with the eyes of a scientific mind, it is possible to heal without to increase the risk to harm .

To take the best from the past and evaluate how it worked with the tools of the 21 st century has always been Claude Martin-Mondiere view to drive clinical research before she presented an original thesis on Multiple Sclerosis to become a medical doctor.

French, born in Paris Dr. Claude Martin-Mondiere learnt early in her own life to move and eat to manage the pain and have an apparently normal life.

Suffering from a rare case of arthritis as a teen, Claude has a personal history of recovery through nutrition.

Medical Doctor with honor since 1982, she integrated food as a medicine to complete her patients’ prescription.

Claude’s cooking history began with family tradition, but grew more sophisticated, adventurous and health conscious after she received a PhD in biochemistry and befriended professional cooks from China and Italy.

With “ The Avocado Affair”, Dr.Claude Martin-Mondiere teamed with her daughter, they wish to share their “savoir-faire” so you can whip up something tasty and healthy whenever you’re just too busy.

She is currently preparing a series, “Cooking with the Doc” with more focus on the medical side when shopping and cooking

Medical Doctor by early vocation, she used libraries worldwide to understand the active principle of these old remedies and nutrients making centenarians.

Reading these old secrets with the light of immunology and molecular biology. 
Today she ages with less pain, more mobility and the same size she had in her twenties.

It is time to share all this knowledge to help others.

If Genetics load the gun, we know that lifestyle pulls the trigger

You have heard about plant-based nutrition, about Organic, about healthy longevity linked to food and lifestyle.

You know also that food builds your body, your brain included.

Feed your brain to be sure to become the person you want to be .

Welcome to ask question and learn more to have the life your deserve.

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