Eating every day healthily with Class

Green vegan breakfast meal in bowl, energy without empty calories.

Eat every day healthily with simple class, make your meal with few organic tasty ingredients. Forget the chemical bottles. The devil is in the detail, in food, the devil is in all these ready to spread bottles.

When you start to enjoy simple food, you will be ready to cut your routine to share a dinner, you will remember with delight.

Enjoy this privileged moment




My French medical advice:

Eat simple quality products in a portion control.

From “the Avocado Affair”

it is what I believe is making people healthier, happier, and then creative.

First I enjoyed California new cuisine when I was invited to develop the patented medical device in Berkeley. I found in Jeremiah Tower books, some of these outstanding dinners, I discovered at a young age with my parents.

For different reasons, I did the choice to move to Houston. The fake promises, I got before moving, were never fulfilled and I keep my patented saving life device in a storage to resume saving lives again.

There are many opportunities and ways to practice medicine.

My expertise to save lives through ECMO, has been determined by my different practices in intensive care, neurology and brain research as well as heart surgery and vascular diseases. All these fields need biochemical knowledge to get efficient treatments; all are linked to patients eating habits.

This knowledge can help to understand why and how we have to eat.

Waiting to resume the development of my medical device, I started to coach people to lose weight by eating fresh (or frozen) organic food. I started to write simple recipes to educate the palate of these low-income people working hard and eating to calm their hunger not to keep their energy in a healthy body. They enjoy going to a restaurant or an eatery, when they are not working, just to relax.

American people have lost the idea to enjoy the pleasure to eat tasty food at home and in general.

To deliver food information works without any doubt, people are transformed when they start to feel better, making their own food.

My idea is for low-income people, to use food as medicine and for everybody in general:

1/ Design a routine nutrition plan, with the nutrients you like, select what you need. Chose the nutrients. Have the best quality you can afford.

Eating less in volume more in quality.

2/ Then reward yourself by visiting an excellent restaurant when the moment comes.

Cook simple from scratch, educate your palate with tasty food, design your routine, and 1 to 3 times a month go to the inspired Jeremiah Tower restaurant close to you, you will enjoy, you will feel rewarded, you will continue your path, behaving healthily.

In France, I motivated patients to save in a piggy bank to go to an excellent restaurant once they have the sum to pay and enjoy, of course after reaching a milestone, regarding their health problem, celebrating to feel better.

Food educated persons can evaluate the cost of eating with class and freedom versus eating junk with medical bills and early aging. They make the choice.

Be blessed, Buddha Bowl delivers all you need to prevent diseases

If I can be supported by a foundation, I would love to make a study to show the cost of stealing the appetite for life to a generation by destroying the pleasure to use clean natural food.

“Eating is a necessity, Eating Intelligently is an art. François de La Rochefoucauld.”

Jeremiah Tower continues to help people, it is the pursuit of the invincible dream to live a good life.

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