Avoid Sugar!

Priority : Avoid Sugar !

Simple Ways to Reduce Sugar Craving

Summer sugar

devant l'eauSummer is here and with it all kinds of sweets: from sodas to ice creams, and more.
Beaches and swimming pools are calling to get this bikini, which made you feeling so well.

Take the opportunity to be fit to be seen, start a sugar free summer and keep a sugar free life style .

 It is time to rethink the place of sugar in your life.

Sweets are falling right on your hips before invading your health for the worst.

If I had to write some “Top Ten” to be healthy the first would be :


Intake of 25g for women and 38 g for men per day is what all scientific studies demonstrate to be your need.

Read the label. Do not buy products without labels.

Do not buy products with added sugar, whatever is the form.

Until the mid 20th century, sugar was only festive for dessert and candies, sometimes to help to swallow a bitter medicine.

White sugar was expensive and used only by the wealthy.

Diabetes and gout were diseases for the riches.


Today with processed food, sugar is everywhere , creating sugar craving .

To have a healthy weight it is important to understand how sugar disrupts metabolism and creates a number of dysfunctional responses generating chronic diseases. The weight is only an appearance of general body health.

How to start ?

A/ Breakfast

Sugarcoated breakfast started only from the middle of the 20th century.

Food industry created the dried cereals breakfast. It was cheap to produce and easy to box to sell worldwide.

It became a huge business success and a catastrophe for public health.

Traditional breakfasts were made to provide energy with oatmeal, stews and different soups. They were able to deliver proteins, fats and minerals to let people feeling full and had energy.

When sugar became cheap, sweetness became the signature of processed food, I was praised worldwide. It was obvious to see the growing global sugar addiction .

After a sugarcoated breakfast, we see a pic in the blood sugar, then a low level creating hunger. The companies created energy bars, pure variety of sugars.

And so on, goes the day every 3 hours a processed product, drink or food is going to add empty calories instead of a nutritious meal.

A breakfast loaded in proteins, vegetal fats and fibers, delivers energy, keeps you alert and feeling full until the next meal.

B/ Lunch, dinner and snack for the rest of the day

A salad for lunch, a soup for dinner. This is almost correct, if you read the labels, be sure to buy soup and dressing without added sugar, to avoid to add sugar-calories.

Sugar is addictive.

C/ Take action

Compose your breakfast, most of your meals with vegan fats proteins, fibers .

Spice when eating, when cooking and do not add salt and sugar.

This will calm your hunger and let you feel full all daylong.

Snack with raw veggies, plain or with your own dip.

Buy Organic as often as you can.


In conclusion:


When you start to eat organic and stop to use extra sugar, you lose more than 20 pounds in the coming year, without more change in your diet.

When you are comfortable to use this routine you feel well, it is time to team up with a professional to know more about the benefits to eat in accordance to your needs.

When your taste buds are used of real food, you are ready to enjoy health benefits from your personal food choice.



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