What to find in “The Avocado Affair”


BY Alba Martin and Dr. Claude Martin-Mondière M.D. PhD

The avocado was named “fruit of the year 2018”.

It was on the planet before human lives and now it is recognized as the healthier fruit for babies and millennials, all around the world.

Avocados are distinctive fruits having both fats and fibers with low carbohydrates along with various micronutrients and bioactive phytochemicals.

We have tried to find a few secrets behind the legends and the numerous scientific studies.

We created new recipes to use Avocado’s health benefits easily.

Avocado is delicious with infinite ways to enjoy it, you can surprise somebody who is supposed to not like it and will do love the hot Andalusian vegan chocolate and learn later what made so delicious.


From fat in sushi, spread on toast, new ice creams to help children to have some greens.

In Mexico, even before the existence of human life, avocados were the berries of giant mammals.

If you convert a human tooth size to a giant mammalian one, you understand how much nutrients are delivered in one avocado to a human.

Today avocado is the only fruit rich in nutrients found only in animal products like  CoQ10, it is also the fruit with the highest Glutathione and potassium content. It is the best fruit to boost your immunology face to food aggression

Want to know more? Go to The Avocado Affair” and be ready to discover a few secrets.

This fruit has been at the center of numerous pre-Columbian legends.

It has been valued as an aphrodisiac, enhancing sexual drive for men in all primitive cultures.

Recent studies have confirmed this observation and explained why it is good for women too.

Breast cancers and prostate cancers are less frequent in population eating avocados.

Cell membranes are made of lipids; any absorption requires a lipid pole carrier to enter. Avocado is lipo and water-soluble, it works as a fat carrier for water-soluble nutrients that need a lipid side to be absorbed by the human cell.

The diversity of “good” fats helps to improve brain function and to deliver energy. This makes avocado a substitute for animal fats, butter or fish fats. You can find more in the book.

It is a fat burner, great to include in a weight loss program, enhancing energy with minimum calorie intake. You will find in the book a table to compare with the different nut values.

Avocado is available all year round, everywhere in the world (at a very low price in subtropical producing countries)

Last but not least, after reading, you will know how pairing avocados with other delicious foods, enhance both taste and health benefits.

What you’ll find in The Avocado Affair:

  • Information avocado history since the Jurassic Era.
  • Major health benefits pairing Avocados with other foods.
  • Why eating avocados make you feel good.
  • 70 original recipes
  • Glossary
  • Scientific selected references.

Easy recipes and medical advice to make you glow pairing avocados from the different foods this world still provides.

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