How to lose 20 lb using science!

How to lose 20 lb using science !

There are many ways to lose weight in a short time.

From memory, it is known how to be fabulous for an event.

It may look good with elegant clothes but the bonus to be unsatisfied or hungry is not really glamour.

After WWII the actresses were underweight to look fabulous in the New Look fashion.

The diets were based on starvation.

Amphetamines were prescribed to cut appetite to lose weight, it was a common practice until it became criminal.

Thank you to sport-medicine, nutrition took a new dimension in the second part of the twentieth century.

Sports developed a new level of performances with the cooperation of coaches and medical teams to forbid drugs and build new champions with perfect bodies.

Any muscle has to be under control, this is why to be perfectly alert is a must too.

These new athletes with outstanding income accepted a discipline to eat with a strict nutrition plan as they had a strict workout.

Modern nutrition is based on sciences without using will power to overcome hunger and craving by pulsion.

Staying slim is now well established to decelerate aging and prevent numerous chronic diseases.

Lose 20 pounds before to gain more!

A cure can bring the expected transformation


Why losing weight?

The list is long for anyone, yours is different, you have to make it, focusing on what you think must change.

Today you want to start a new spring without the weight you gained this winter.





NOW because

1/ You are busy, you can snack with raw veggies, stop to drink sodas.

2/You are happy, Sun is raising again you want to enjoy yourself to feel healthier and decelerate the aging process.


You can eat and lose weight. The key is to know which foods can help you keep your mind and your body in shape. It is the revolution brought by nutrition.



  • Ban all soft drinks, sodas, and other fruit juice.
  • Stop to add sugar to your ” healthy drinks: teas, coffee, waters.


  • Ban processed food and dressing with added sugar
  • Snack with raw food, light salads, and soups


  • Chose functional foods you like.
  • Be sure you have no intolerance so far.
  • Eat Organic as often as you can.
  • Read the labels to avoid GMO and all added chemicals.

Chemicals residues are interfering in your metabolism and may be responsible for fat excess.



Buddha Bowl delivers all you need

Start to know what looks like 200, 300, 500 cal of your favorite foods.

Make portion and control them.

Buddha Bowls are growing in popularity.

You select what you need. You set your bowl. You Enjoy.

You use some variant every day, keeping the same volume, the same value.

You control your intake and your needs, keeping deficiency at bay.


Antioxidant-rich foods help to keep you feeling good, burn your fat to deliver energy.

Add spices. Avoid starchy food, keep a plant-based diet with proteins, fibers, good fats.

Enjoy nutritious and delicious meals. To like what you eat keeps you in good spirit with full strength energy.


Be your doctor, write your need.

Because it must be doable, you must check all needs, time, energy and money.

It is your own obligation. Write the list.


After you do your homework you will have the choice of the schedule:

1/Quick: Make a turn in your lifestyle. 

Everything has to change, then you have to empty your pantry and your fridge to avoid temptation at home.

2/Slow: Giving up one thing at a time to integrate the change without rear view option.

Both are working with similar results after 2 years.

I often said:

“Program yourself to make it happens, 

I give you the right  tools to achieve .”

1/Fast change in 4-6 weeks

Cut off the addition of sugar and salt in anything you eat or drink.

Cut off all soft drinks, processed dressing prepackaged meals.

Do not add sugar in tea and coffee.

Start a nutrition plan: each meal must be limited to 500 Cal

Fat burning soup ( detailed recipe at the shop )

Make a cure for a few days by eating only the fat burning soup anytime you feel hungry.

Continue with the maintenance program.

2/ Slow change in 3 months

A/ Keep sugar at bay

We know that most of the disruption in health is due to the addition of processed sugar.

These are the limits admitted after multiple studies :

  • Men: 38 grams or 9 teaspoons, 150 calories per day Women: 25 grams or 6 teaspoons, 100 calories per day

Read the labels before you buy something, do not buy products adding sugar, high fructose syrup, and other sweeteners.

B/ Do not add salt

Salt is added in all processed food for conservation.

Stop to buy prepackaged lunch, snack, salty nuts, and other salty foods.

They are addictive and increase your risk to hurt your health.

After starting to just be serious in cutting sugar,  then your taste buds will be no more craving sugar, you will feel better and after 3 weeks of being 35-40 g /day of sugar for men and 25-30 for women, some weight must be lost.

It is more difficult to cut salt, using spices may help you to get more taste and stop craving salt.

When you succeed to cut salt and sugar, the studies showed excellent results in the long term because this determines a change in taste.

C/ Portion control.

Overweight is almost always due to overeating, most of the time with empty calories but not always.

It is good to start to eliminate these empty calories rich food and clean fridge and pantry from processed food, commercial dressing, high sweet desserts.

When this is done most people compensate with large portions, which is right during the change of food type, but it is important to follow a reduction of intake to continue to lose weight.

It is the moment to have an idea of what is the size you need to eat.

A very easy way is to acquire dishes to deliver what you need with portion control you can feel free to adjust.

Keep your hunger quiet but without total fullness.

Snack with a celery stick and hummus or ½ avocado with salsa, the good fat with fiber and minerals will cut the hunger and let you have the energy you need at work.





D/ Introduce the fat burning soup in your routine.

( detailed recipe download available at the shop)

Losing fat , gaining energy

Use the fat burning soup at your convenience :

Once every other day,

Every day for a few days

Fast every week

One day per week eating only fat burning soup

This fast can be done alone or in addition to a workout.

When 20 pounds are lost by introducing the fat burning soup, the body shape has changed, it is time to think about maintenance and design a nutrition plan to be the person you want to be.

You can reach a more spectacular achievement. It is your decision which will make a difference.

You can find more ideas about combining functional foods in “The Avocado Affair”, download or save money with the preorder to get the hard copy book in March.

You want more advice, a meal plan, recipes, ask:

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