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It is the  American Heart Association month.

Avocado Chocolate smoothie, to prevent and heal vascular diseases


In October a French filmmaker made a casting to play a woman having a cardiac attack, most people had no idea how to play the part, she made a video to warn women before the holiday season about the signs of a cardiac attack for women:

1/ Intense fatigue       

2/ Short breath       

3/ Nausea     =         GO TO YOUR DOCTOR

In 2000, the Wall Sreet Journal related how women were not treated as equal to men face of cardiac diseases.

It took more than a decade to start to observe different signs depending on genders and define treatments for women with cardiovascular diseases.

Women had less cardiac failure in the past because they had a plant-based diet, meat being for men, most of them were respecting religious fasts every week. They were also the last served, having small portions.

Women were dying earlier than men from delivering birth with infections, extreme bleeding, and other related diseases.

The survivors were walking, did not smoke, they were working as housekeepers or seamstress.

The privileged women were walking too and observing fast weekly, 40 days lent to prepare Easter and 60 days light diet period was still done by my grandmothers born at the turn of the 20th century.before the holidays season.

The supper with soups was for women, Maxima passed at 104 years old. I remember her preparing her soup after serving her husband with a classic French dinner with some roasted piece of meat.  She survived him more than 40 years.

The major progress for women came with few hygienic measures, especially washing hands and wearing gloves during delivering process.

It took some time to realize that modern women have cardiac diseases.

The feminine metabolism is different, they can take 1 glass of wine when men can tolerate 2. They have to eat less sugar, less fat than men.

When women are more paying attention to their weight than to their food, they eat more green, as Maxima they have a soup for dinner, they can have a long life ahead.

It looks that they have a higher risk to get post menopause cardiovascular diseases, they need to take care of themselves to avoid the kind of accident that took Carrie Fisher life.

In our generation, there is a new lifestyle, women have a new place, new diseases.

Avocado is the food for the brain and for the heart, it works for all the family.

Avocado’s fat content is twenty times higher than other fruits.

This great diversity in natural fats helps the absorption of liposoluble vitamins and antioxidants from its meat but also those ingested through other foods.

It helps to control LDL (bad) cholesterol.

The rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) can produce a competitive inhibition to control cholesterol and fat metabolism.

Avocado has a higher potassium content than any other fruit or vegetable, including bananas. This factor helps to regulate blood pressure, heart rate, and general blood circulation.

Today, avocado is the only fruit known to be a rich source of CoQ10 with 10 mg/kg. The fat-rich avocado meat enables the human digestive system to absorb CoQ10 from its meat but also from food and supplements. CoQ10 levels often decrease with age.This enzyme is mainly found in the most active organs: heart, kidney, and liver. It is an anti-aging agent.

A great number of studies support the role of avocado in a diet to prevent vascular disease and stroke, especially among patients at high risk. Without having done myself a statistically significant study, I observed great and fast improvements with patients adding avocado daily to their diet after a stroke, compare to people refusing.

It is also a valid explanation why Americans with Latin American heritage who eat a high volume of avocados have a lower risk of cardiac disease.

We tried to explain in The Avocado Affair, why and how eating avocado can help to be healthier.

Go red for women, is supported by  American Heart Association and Stroke Foundation, it was created to take better care of women vascular diseases.


To know more:

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