Cholesterol news

Cholesterol news

This CDC* reported October 25th, 2017 a major step for healthcare reform in the USA:

High cholesterol levels among U.S. adults are declining


Did YOU asked: How to lower cholesterol without a pharmaceutical treatment?

This has been the first question I had to work on to start to be a clinical researcher.

At that time pharmaceutical companies were looking for the golden eggs.

In a French academic hospital, where patients were confused between the right to be healthy and the right to be treated, we were writing grants to prevent French from the American epidemic obesity with a high blood level of cholesterol and other markers of chronic diseases.


Today the classic answer to lower cholesterol is: 

Health is Wealth


1 taking medicine

2 having a healthy diet

3 losing weight

4 Exercising


Everyone knows that, and everyone knows they have to make a change to get the numbers.


By Peter Forster – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

What is bad is to have cholesterol deposits on the wall of your vascular system which can be the source of obstruction and also a micro circulating balls can be build up on the wall and becoming a free ball ready to make obstruction in a distant organ; the health element is to reduce cholesterol oxidation to reduce deposit and reduce free radicals.

The free radicals liberated by cholesterol oxidation are the killers, responsible for cell damages. The point is to reduce cholesterol oxidation


There are two ways to reduce cholesterol oxidation.

1/ To have as little cholesterol circulating as possible in your blood. If cholesterol particles are not there, they cannot oxidize.

A plant-based diet is the surest path to low cholesterol, 60 % of greens are a good base, and I saw changes in most of my patients.

A plant base diet reduce vascular diseases

2/ To consume such an abundance of antioxidants that cholesterol oxidation is inhibited.

A plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains, all organic.

(Example: organic raspberries have 10 times more antioxidants vs. conventional)

The Hunan and Puerh teas are the ones showing a real power to lower cholesterol oxidation.

It is known since few thousands of years when these teas were given in China to warriors to have more energy before battles. Today we must pay attention with fermented teas to avoid contamination. the old usage to pour boiling water , throw it awy , then brew the tea is wise.

Different recent studies have been well documented and one of the first with my mentor Pr. Bernard Jacotot ended with the conclusion:

Japanese and Chinese fermented teas

3 weeks with 3 cups/day of Hunan or Puerh teas lower the LDL blood level of an average of 14 %.

When the number is good you continue to drink it as a part of your routine, without too much concern if you take it or not.

This must be enough to obtain your good numbers if you need more, and you prefer to avoid to take statins, have a strict nutrition plan, with green smoothies for breakfast etc.ask here or ask your doctor to see a nutritionist to work with.


Having a very “clean” routine helps to enjoy a slow aging as well as having fun enjoying special events with eating and drinking without side effects.

I have done fundamental and clinical research to understand how the populations used to eat algae (seaweeds) in addition to a food rich in anti-oxidant has a low incidence of neurodegenerative diseases as well as prostate and breast cancers.

Seaweed, avocado lowering LDL

Recent studies show how components of seaweeds are responsible for the balance of oxidation of cholesterol; it may

be the next key we have to look for, to protect from aging with control of LDL.





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