Matcha Avocado Vegan Ice-Cream

Antioxidants +Good fats

With Matcha and Avocados Ice Cream, you have a gift for Mum, not just for mother’s day.

Home Cooking can be Healthy and Delicious and simple.

Avocados and Matcha are here from “The Avocado Affair”.

A mother is a woman, young forever, in the dream of any child. She needs a longevity gift.

How many children have wanted to be a doctor to save their mother life? Cancer is the bad word that took so many mothers away.

Before to save lives, we must try to prevent diseases. Here you may find some hands to help.

Chinese, and apparently Japanese, Korean women have a low incidence of breast cancer, when Belgian and French women have the highest incidence.

When Japanese women move to the West and consume a western diet, the risk of breast cancer rises sharply.

A correlation has been made between high consumption of soy, very little dairy, and the risk to develop breast cancer.

Recently interest in Latina women, US citizens or not, consuming South American, avocados rich food, were added to the list of nutrition ties with low risk of breast cancer. More studies showing that the main factor is to eat the “good” fats, whatever is the quantity, mono or polyunsaturated fats.  Avocado is the fruit with the highest oleic acid content. PUFA/S is the key (1).

Saturated fats from animal products, trans fats in processed food are the main causes recognized today for a significant increase in cancer risk, especially for breast and prostate cancers.

If Breast Cancer is called the Rich Food disease in China, in reference to women eating meat, dairy, and sugar, my personal observation in Japan was the opposite, old studies reported a low rate of breast cancers in the rich Japanese female population. I asked more about the differences in lifestyle, apparently drinking frequently high quality of matcha tea is correlated with the low rate of Breast cancer.

Here is my preferred treatment to prevent Breast Cancer:

Avocado Matcha Ice Cream.

Don’t confuse Matcha with green tea.

A cup of Matcha is made by dissolving finely ground tea leaves in warm water.

You are eating the tea leaves, taking in more catechins (antioxidant compounds responsible for benefits like preventing cancer) than you would by steeping tea leaves in boiling water.

I cup of matcha equals 10 cups steeped green tea, for nutrients content.


2 ripes medium avocado

1 lime juice

2 springs of mint or basil (optional)

2 teaspoon of honey or maple syrup (optional)

1 cup of spring water

¼ cup of sugar

1 teaspoon of Agar Agar

2 teaspoons Matcha tea

1 cup of spring water


In a pan mix sugar with water, heat to get a boil to add agar-agar, let it boil for 3 minutes, shut off the heat, add the mint cover let it infuse and cool few minutes then add the lime juice.

During this time, prepare the Matcha tea, boil the water, pour it on the Matcha powder and make the mousse with the bamboo whisk.

In a blender set cubed avocado flesh add the syrup then the matcha tea.

Blend all and get it in the icemaker device or in the freezer in an airtight glass container.

Enjoy fusion cooking, the first benefit: it is delicious.

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Matcha and Avocados Ice Cream

If you like this recipe you will find more in the book, go shopping online.

Ref: ” The Avocado Affair”

(1)Jordan, I., Hebestreit, A., Swai, B., & Krawinkel, M. B. (2013, April). Dietary patterns and breast cancer risk among women in northern Tanzania: a case-control study. European Journal of Nutrition, 52(3), 905-915.

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