Alternative Ice-Cream? Yes, Please!

Alternative is the word to define something different from what we are using, in medicine it is supposed to be good enough to heal without dangerous side effects.

Alternative Ice Creams include Gelatos and sorbets. They are vegan with the delicious creamy consistency of the animal milk cream.

Avocado is perfect to get this light and creamy texture, helping men and women to reach the balance of unsaturated fats.

Treating yourself to prevent breast and prostate cancers with delicious homemade ice creams is a blessing.

Homemade Organic Avocado and Berry Sorbet Ice Cream Ready to Eat

Roseberry Cream-Sorbet

Did you like the Matcha Ice Cream? This is the second of the alternative ice creams.

Rose and Berries blend together with avocado to give this subtle taste, satisfying and very low in sugar.

Raw – Vegan – GF – NF




500 g frozen raspberries

1 medium avocado

25 cl coconut water

3 twigs fresh mint

2 tsp de rose water

½ cup water

60 g sugar

¾ tsp (3g) agar agar



Wash mint leaves

Soak agar-agar in ¼ cup cold water.

Mix ¼ cup of water and ¼ cup sugar in a little pan, heat until it begins to bubble, then add the agar-agar/water mix and keep it bubbling for 5 minutes.

Remove the pan from the heat. Add the rosewater and the mint leaves.

Cover and let it cool.

Put the still frozen raspberries in a blender.

Add coconut water, remaining rosewater, mint leaves and agar agar syrup.

Peel and dice avocado, add to the mixture.

Blend until you obtain a fluffy mix.

Pour it in a nice cup and place it in the freezer for 3 hours or more.

If you use an ice cream maker it will be lighter and ready in 20 minutes

Serve with a few fresh berries and mint leaves

If you want the recipe click here

Roseberry Cream Sorbet

This recipe is one of “The Avocado Affair”  you can download in the “shop on line” products

More Gelato coming soon.

Fruits and seaweeds gelatos are lowering cholesterol


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