Egg drop fusion consommé

An American fusion: delicious Japanese egg drop with avocado

Egg drop fusion consommé is made from a bouillon, stock or broth, organic homemade kombu stock or from an instant base in your pantry.

It is perfect for your home-made soup ready in a few minutes. It is low in calories and rich in healthy nutrients.

In Japan, instant stock cubes or granules are called consommé or bouillon and are sold at most supermarkets.

The goal is to obtain an instant soup by simply adding hot water.

Some brands helpfully label their products to guide shoppers, but in other cases, it is not always obvious what you are buying and this is not acceptable.

I prefer to use homemade stock, to be sure to have the herbs without any additive.


Avocado-oily nutritious fruit

4 cups of Kombu stock* or any stock

2 Eggs

2 oz Ginger

2 scallions

3 red Radish

6 Cilantro sprigs

1 cup of spinach leaves

1 celery stick with leaves

½ lemon juice

Spices of your choice

1 ripe Avocado


Slice ginger, scallions, cilantro, spinach, the preparation is done in few minutes.

In a saucepan add ginger celery and spinach to the Kumbo stock. Season and bring it to a boil.

Beat lightly the eggs, pour them very slowly, in a steady stream.

Stir the egg rapidly for 1 minute to make thin streams or ribbons.

Dice avocado.

In Individual bowl set cilantro, sliced radish and scallions, cubed avocado, pour the egg drop soup.

If you want more about avocado health benefits with seaweeds, go to “The Avocado Affair”.

If you want more healthy, easy and fast to cook from scratch, stay tuned, more about “Food science and health” soon.

*Kombu Stock

1 oz Kombu

1 oz Small fish

2 oz Shitake

Spring water

Clean with a dry clean kitchen towel 1 oz of Kombu or Kelp.

In a large pot, pour 1 quarter of spring water, Set the Kombu from 1 hour to overnight.

Then add the other ingredients.

Heat to a boil, take off the heat and let it cool. Take the kombu shitake and fish out and transfer the clear stock in an airtight container to wait to be used.

Kombu Stock

Kombu seaweed contains glutamic acids, which are the basis of Umami.

Combining Kombu with inosinic acids from meats or bonito flakes, along with guanylic acids from shiitake mushrooms, makes the synergy of Umami; each acid bringing out the best flavors in the others. The secret to great cooking lies in combining Umami.

The health properties of Kombu

1/Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide, protect from gamma radiation

2/High fiber fullness

3/Polysaccharide fraction called PLG lessen blood clots

4/Calcium rich vegans, vegan and persons who need to prevent the use of dairy products in their lives.

5/ Seaweed reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the small bowel.

6/ Rich in iodine; A routine ingestion of iodine is related to enhanced thyroid function, enhanced metabolism, increased resistance to cancer, and several other wellness benefits.

7/Iron: we need to consume on a daily basis to produce hemoglobin to breathe and capture oxygen.

8/ Kombu additionally includes various levels of potassium, vitamins C, B, D, and E, magnesium, zinc, and also germanium, which possesses exceptional skin recovery properties.


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