Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Guilt-free truffles


You have a little vegan and a few other youngsters who are concerned about their own health and the planet.

They will love this delicious Avocado Chocolate Matcha Vegan antioxidant boost.

This very simple recipe will satisfy everyone, homemade, in less time than queuing at the chocolate shop. it is still a traditional sweet treat.









150 g Ripe avocado

150 g Cocoa butter or white chocolate*

3g Ceremonial grade Matcha tea

30 g Maple syrup or Honey


150 g 85% dark chocolate

15 g Avocado oil or Cocoa liquor


Melt the cocoa butter in a double boiling pan, add the maple syrup the Matcha the avocado.

Blend all to obtain a very creamy paste.

Take it in a cool place for 3 hours or overnight to obtain the desired texture.

Make little balls with a little scoop for meatballs or dough scoop.

In the boiler, melt the dark chocolate whisk in it the liquid, let it cool a few minutes.

Plunge each ball in the chocolate mix, it must be still liquid but cooler.

Set the covered ball in a cooking paper on a tray.

Take the tray back to the fridge until the coating is dry to firm up the chocolate cover to keep it as a shell.

Wrapped each ball or set each in a paper case.

Prepare a plate for serving or fill boxes. Enjoy.

Recipe to download:    Vegan Truffles reduced

From “The Avocado Affair ” copyright 2018 Alba Martin

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