Choosing specific foods, knowing how to eat them, give the power to improve your health and help to have a healthy weight and make lifestyle changes.

A cure can bring the expected transformation

When the Doctor becomes the coach, the patient finds help for weight management according to the health needs.

Food is not medicine it is the main element to build the body and the source of energy to fuel any action.

Write a nutrition plan to evaluate and adjust your needs.

Keep a healthy weight is reported in numerous studies to lower the risk of most disease.

It is important to be satisfied, and enjoy what you have to eat every day. You will accept more rules if you feel empowered by a warm feeling good.

You need to define your goal(s) to be able to fulfill your needs.

Define what is your reason to get a healthy weight and what you are ready to accept to achieve your plan.

Change is made from a situation which is unsatisfying, with enough positive elements to look for improvements. Most of the time people overcome the different hurdles they have to start a cure when they start to feel better.

To be doable and lasting a nutrition plan has to comply with your activities, your budget, and your taste.

Personal and family history determines genetics and cultural background.

Simple details matter, the best is to write down:

When waking up:

  • a glass of water
  • a cup of coffee
  • a cup of tea
  • a lemon juice
  • nothing before to a drive-in coffee shop
  • anything else, so what?

What to drink during the day:  water, with fruits instead of sodas?


Japanese and Chinese fermented teas

To regulate your cholesterol and more.

What and when to eat during the day:

  • organic, conventional home made from scratch
  • buying already made food in so-called healthy places
  • eating what is ready at the gas station or restaurant.
  • All of the above

When eating  anywhere, at a table, when working

When going to bed:

  • a herbal tea
  • a glass of wine
  • nothing

Evaluate what is possible to do in terms of know-how acquisition and personal will.

This is the first work to determine what is needed to adopt a current eating routine, a healthy one.

It is important to understand the outstanding ability of the body to react to what we eat. When we have a healthy routine, a celebration, all the forbidden nutrients will make no harm, the system will clean up the “unhealthy” part.

Of course, you must avoid known allergies.

Allergies are another part of food reaction and concern some nutrients but also chemicals which are recognized as dangerous by the cellular system, provoking a hyper reaction, able to kill the person by shock.

To know how to proceed it is important to target what kind of action you need.

Buy documents, set a weekly plan for 3 or 6 weeks then decide to continue with some changes depending what is working or not to reach the goal.

Multiple changes after weeks can help to get a better diagnosis to select what has to be done.

Set a program for 3 months with control of results and get documents every week.

The first 6 weeks program can be renewable to continue or modified as a maintenance program.

After the first 3 months, the goal must be reached or close to be reached.

The best to be healthy is a better knowledge of what is to eat right for you, which must help you to achieve your healthy weight.

Man abdomen with big pants showing a more than 70lb loss with a plant-based food and some exercises.

The start to write a customized nutrition plan is the first needed step to eat and care for you.

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