Weight management is Health management.

Healthy eating versus pills prescription

Knowing to eat what you need, no more, no less, is a cultural problem today to eat too much wrong foods.

This is turning to major public health questions.

To eat well is not helping only in weight management but in general health.

Obesity always existed, before the 20th century it was a sign of aging with wealth. Poor people had a short life expectancy, passing from multiple infectious and deficiencies diseases.

Queen Victoria was obese and healthy. The Queen mother passed overweight at 104 years old.

Reigning Queen Elisabeth II from UK is eating and drinking with special care, her gardens do not use chemicals as fertilizers or pesticides. She is doing well over 90 years old and in a normal apparent BMI.

The actual epidemic obesity is different. It is the image of numerous changes in the food chain and the how lunches are prepared, shared and consumed.

Eating is the first necessity, eating healthily must part of eating not the second choice.

Eating healthily and delicious is a first step to enjoy a quality life.

There is not a diet to fit all.

” It is delicious , let us make it healthy”

The art is to educate our palates to like what is good for our health.

Medicine was a scientific art, it is an empiric science. To get results a physician needs to listen the patient, get information, evaluate what is possible to be done, and start to propose the prescription.

Choices are always multiple. By making a choice the patient participate to succeed. The MD is there to guide and introduce the solution called treatment.

I always saw better results with a plan starting with 15% of weight loss, before introducing exercises and workout.

When the nutrition makes the weight loss, it is important to keep a high level in proteins to avoid a loss in muscle. Starting exercise after losing some weight helps to get a better circulation, a better heart work.

Increasing the energy consumption when keeping the same nutritional ratio helps to tighten the tissues and to burn fat.

To adjust a diet to the personal metabolism needs a good communication to collect the information to matter to design the customized nutrition plan working.

Initial consultation consists:

Upon request, you receive forms to establish your current situation.

1/ A comprehensive analysis why you are consulting,

2/ What support you need to achieve your goal.

Add comments to let me understand better how I can help you:

  • Symptoms, blood tests, blood pressure, medication
  • Medical history,
  • Family health history,
  • Your actual daily diet, nutrients intake,  as well as treatment and supplements you are taking in your routine.
  • What is your activity and your needs to support it?

When you have completed the forms, a nutrition plan is designed by Dr. Martin-Mondiere.

You are ready to set a video consultation with Skype.

This session includes your health goals, relevant handouts, and bespoke dietary and physical exercise action plan.

The drafted nutrition plan is corrected during the consultation sent back to help you to make the change you want.

All documents fit mobile devices.

The best results are obtained with a follow-up every week by email.

Some changes or adjustments are almost always in needs.

The  early adjustment is the key to a successful result

The advice is to buy 3 months coaching for $ 200 with unlimited questions and 3 to 5 consultations during these 3 months period.

Duration: 30 minutes, fees: US $ 50 the first consultation,  the second consultation is free until March  31th 2019  as well as the weekly evaluation in between the 2 consultations.

The new you will be your Easter present.

Follow-up Consultation


Correcting weight by food is cost effective.

The follow-up consultations are very important to be sure you are making the improvement you are looking for.

The body has a high capacity to adapt to an unhealthy situation and the fat keeps the memory of this comfort metabolism.

To change your metabolism forever you have to adjust to make changes at each consultation until you get your healthy weight.

To keep it forever you have to learn how to evaluate and adjust your needs.

The number of consultations depends on your status and your goal.

We can also fix milestones with Dr. Martin-Mondiere until you reach your goal, and work to customize your program.

If you want to know more about Dr.Martin-Mondiere Click on her resume:

CMM resume



Man abdomen with big pants showing a more than 70lb loss with a plant base food and some exercises.


Forms can be download after payment

First consultation : 30 mn $50 USD

  • Question/Answers
  • Definition  of the needs and the goals
  • Nutrition plan or action plan

6 weeks coaching: $ 120 USD

  • 2 consultations
  • weekly follow up

3 months coaching: $ 200 USD

  • 3-4 consultations
  • weekly follow up

6 months coaching: $300 USD

  • 5-7 consultations
  • weekly follow up

1-year coaching: $500 USD

  • 10-15 consultations
  • weekly follow up


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