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Prevention is a prescription


Consultation for a better life is set to answer your search to improve your health.

Here it is about to lower your risk of having chronic diseases, knowing that 85% of diseases can be avoided.

From memory, children want to have adult power and adults want to stay young, to keep the energy. The fountain of youth is now part of the extension of longevity, to stay healthy feeling young is no more a dream.

Using Superfoods pairing with activities is the key to have a youthful long life expectancy.

The development of a human embryo starts with the brain. Most activities are controlled by the brain with feedbacks to maintain the body in good health.

The pleasure to eat is a part of the health benefits

 Having the pleasure to smell, to see the food in a nice plate must make you happy.

The strength is coming with a balance of your pleasure and your need.

Enjoy the journey to discover what is good for you.

Keep the routine going, to prevent most of the diseases you see killing the people around you, enjoy your life and share your blessing.

Nobody is perfect, anyone is perfectible.

Define status and goals.

Fill the forms. 

Weight management is health management.

There is not a diet to fit all.

Start to eat good quality products, reduce the quantity and discover what choice you have to do.

The oath of Hippocrates is “Do not harm”. We have to keep it in mind.

Offer a consultation as a present for you or a significant other, SNH will coach for 6 weeks and give you a second consultation for free.

A perfect season for Thanksgiving.

Until October 31th this special offer is  US$ 50 for the first consultation,

The second consultation is free until the end of November 2019

2019 Holidays season is going to be GREAT.


A prescription is not limited to chemicals

Prevention  is  a  prescription

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

The role of the medical doctor has always been to help somebody in pain to recover a good health.

Today we know to treat emergencies in sophisticated centers.

The role of the practitioner is to detect and prevent diseases.

The prescription of vaccination is well accepted as well as treatments for chronic diseases.

Crazy stories has been on the news and the results to believe in charlatans are now on the bad news.

Teaching prevention, nutrition and lifestyle had been missing in medical schools.

Worst, the medical doctors from my generation describing the negative effects of processed foods, sweet drinks and chemicals in all parts of our environment, were “conservative”, old fashion to avoid worst.

The beginning of this century demonstrated, the health damages caused by Tobacco, sugar, salt, excess of proteins, and the lack of minerals in the food chain involving deficiencies from the food.

My patients enjoyed the nutritional advice in addition to the prescription, and my colleagues were looking as me as a medical doctor a little too motherly.

Being healthy means to be allowed to do what we need to accomplish. To feel good is to enjoy life as it is.

The goal of a consultation is to determine how:

  • to heal,
  • to treat,
  • to prevent new diseases,
  • new relapse,
  • to stop the progression of a chronic disease,
  • to lower the risk to develop a serious disease: cancer, allergy, diabetes.
  • Ultimately to feel good when passing

     Examples prevent a new acute crisis of kidney stones, stop or slow the progression of polyarthritis, of multiple sclerosis, prevent new relapse, be painfree.

The consultation can also be;

  • To reduce high blood pressure.
  • To complete a treatment to lower cholesterol,
  • To reduce diabetes
  • To improve your skin.

To prepare the consultation, you have to fill forms with your question and your health history.

Medicine has always been empirical, that means based on facts.

These forms will help you to know better your profile and what is relevant from your lifestyle and your treatment.

In my experience combining both is the recipe for success.

Everyone is unique by conception with a look and a social life but also with a metabolism responding to this uniqueness.

The weight is related :

  • to the DNA,
  • to the environment,
  • to the personal way of living

Healthy weight combines the lower risk to be sick,

and a good feeling to be you.

Today we know to enjoy a happy live with different diseases.

We may be not be perfect, but we are perfectible.

I coached people to have a healthy weight with very different kinds of prescription.

It is not about pounds and inches to lose; it is all about to feel better.

Slimming man abdomen with old bigger size pants, in 18 months 164 Lb  lost, with normal blood test








How it is possible to change a lifestyle and to eat differently to support your health.

The repair starts at the cellular level.

The treatment is going to be:

  • adding or avoiding a specific food,
  • combining different foods, supplements,
  • having a medical treatment to address an acute disease and still keep a chronic disease at bay by nutrition.

Nobody is perfect, the oath of Hippocrates is “Do not harm.”

A Medical Doctor has to warn from facts and to explain what to prevent and How to do it.

The Medical Doctor must help with science, psychology, and wisdom.

There is a know-how to feel better whatever is the sickness, it must be in the prescription.

Medicine it is an empirical science, it is a combination of observation to make a diagnosis with numerous lessons learned in the unlimited books of life.

This is The Offer to start the new decade:

US$ 50 the first consultation 

The second consultation is free until January 31th, 2020.

First consultation: 30 mn US $50

  • Question/Answers
  • Definition of the goals and the needs to achieve.
  • Nutrition plan with “body” plan

 6 weeks coaching with 2 consultations:

US $ 120 US$ 50 until March 31th, 2020


Your good health is leading the family

  • 2 consultations
  • 6 weekly follow-up

Other opportunities:

3 months coaching: US$ 200

  • 3-4 consultations
  • weekly follow-up

6 months coaching: US$300

  • 5-7 consultations
  • weekly follow-up
  • Free books and ebooks
  • free skincare sample

1-year coaching: US$500

  • 10-15 consultations
  • weekly follow-up
  • Free books and ebooks
  • free skincare samples
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