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It is time to get healthy


 10 $ for the Recipe to download and any question to ask to make your cure a personal success with answers in less than 24 hours. 

 Get your healthy weight, when the holiday season starts, it will be your first present. 

This is not one of the cabbage soups from old Mc Donald Farm.

It is a medical prescription making your food your treatment.


Have the healthy weight to look younger and be healthier. 

Losing inches, gaining energy with less risk of cardiac failure, stroke, and sleep apnea.

The recipe combines the nutrients, Quercetin, AMP Kinase, CoQ10 and more to deliver energy from the destruction of accumulated fat.

When you download, you have the description to make the soup and to use it, in a cure of 1 to 5 weeks or in a weekly fast or ask another way. Dr. Martin-Mondiere can adjust your demand.

It is an easy way to detox after gaining weight, with a powerful scavenger effect. As a result, the skin is glowing. There is a lot of pages on the web, with some of the nutrients. You need to have the combination of all the elements to get the legendary effect.

It is excellent to block cholesterol oxidation.

The antioxidant action is best when using only organic products.

It was designed first in cardio surgery to decrease risks during open heart procedures.

It is beneficial to prevent extra risk for overweight patients with sleep apnea and chronic cardiovascular diseases.

Belly fat is the common and harmful state for men. Losing belly fat prevents strokes, it can be considered as a detox/fasting process.

Healthy individuals can use it to stay fit.

It helps to lose weight from 3 to 5 pounds a week. Most people lose 15-25 pounds with a cure.

Try it and let me know.



The Cholesterol ennemies

2018 Organic Fat Burning Soup because  

Weight management is Health management.

The Cabbage soup from Old Mc Donald farm is a complete meal to hydrate and let you be full.

This Fat Burning Soup is a vegan mix designed to destroy fat tissue to liberate energy from nutrients known to be in the cycle to liberate energy

Simple: you make the cure, you change your metabolism, you change your size.

Most people are losing 3 to 5 pounds a week and 15-25 pounds with a cure.

It helps to get energy, to reduce cholesterol and keep inflammation to normal “alert.”


Healthy eating versus pills prescription

This recipe started in cardio surgery. The goal was to lower the risk to have any accident when in the hospital for a cardio-surgery procedure, to lower the risk of stroke and other post-surgery accident.

The goal was to support at best, cardio-surgery procedures, to lower the risk of stroke and other post-surgery accident.

The first effects are to lower blood cholesterol and reduce inflammation seen in the blood by C-Reactive Protein test.

The healing process to recovery is faster when patients lose 10% of their weight, before surgery.

Before surgery, the patient gets the soup as the only food until he got correct blood numbers and the projected weight.

The principle is to activate the metabolic cascade to generate energy (ATP) from extra fat. These low sugar foods are also rich in antioxidants and well-known ingredients as Quercetin to activate the fat burning cycle.

It is also a skin cleanser. The mix has all it needs to obtain a glowing skin with a better microcirculation.

These low sugar foods are also rich in antioxidants and well-known ingredients as Quercetin to activate the fat burning cycle.

By Peter Forster – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The well-known efficiency is a secret, French women, Parisians, are using from memories to stay slim and keep a beautiful skin. They use it, as a fast before special events to look fabulous.

Internal medicine doctors worked with dieticians and chefs to help patients to lose weight in the hospital before their cardiac procedure.

The philosophy in France is to help patients to understand how overweight plays a part in many cardiac diseases that end in Emergency Room for cardiac surgery and severe treatment… at best.

We also have to inform patients that cardiac surgeons are not all-powerful wizards: if they want to survive cardiac failure, they have to adopt a healthy lifestyle before surgery and maintain this new lifestyle after their release from the hospital.


It can be summed up in a simple equation:

Nutrition + Exercise = Healthy weight= Healthy life

This soup is extremely efficient.

Antioxidants are involved in the reaction. Follow the recipe to get it. Pour the soup into airtight containers and freeze them as soon as it is finished.

Man abdomen showing weight loss with a plan-based food and some exercises.

It has the nutrients to deliver energy from the destruction of accumulated fat.

Gaining energy, losing inches.

I worked with the original recipe; then I made modifications for my patients to obtain a cure to help much more.

Working to keep weight under 25 of BMI is now well documented to lower the risk of different cancers. The American CDC has recently published this poster.

Keeping the healthy weight must not be just the secret of beautiful women and cosmetic professional. It is a World Health Organization concern.

When you buy the soup, you are welcome to ask changes, regarding your personal history in health but also in food tolerance,



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