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“The Avocado Affair”

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Be blessed; Buddha Bowl delivers all you need to prevent cancer

Here’s a book with over 70 avocado recipes to spice things up (sometimes literally). As tasty as avocado on toast might be, we all know that familiarity breeds contempt.

First, you’ll discover that avocado’s true nutritional companion isn’t toast: it’s cacao. Try it as a mousse, cream or vegan ice-cream, you’ll also see this pair creates great tasting sweets. After avocado-cacao, Dr.Claude Martin-Mondière, immuno-clinician, and foodie girl next door Alba Martin will take you through other incredibly healthful avocado combos, hinting that our current craze for this fruit isn’t just a Millennial fad but a penchant that is completely justified, and actually quite ancient (Mayan, native Americans) and possibly a great ally to build baby brain, lower the risk of serious chronic diseases and extend a healthy life expectancy.

The book is organized by pairing ingredients with avocados, featuring citrus fruits, nuts, berries, seafood, peppers….among others, and whether you’re vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian or a meat eater, on a low-FODMAP or gluten-free diet, The Avocado Affair should have something for every foodie who enjoys this trendalicious buttery green fruit.

The first orders are  US$26.95.  You can download the e-book with beautiful photos and will receive the hardcover by July 2019 or  order it on the publisher site


Find why eating avocado help you to lose weight, to reduce your need for supplements.

Have updated scientific information with references and a glossary.

Avocados are unique in different regards. They were on this planet before human life.

Coming from another era, having survived the giants, they are more than a fruit. It is  The Superfood.

This original fruit is rich in amazing nutrients known to be found only in animals. It is essential for vegan nutrition. Become acquainted with avocado’s most notorious partners in yum, starting with its famous compatriots the cocoa bean, tomato, and vanilla.

Discover what means: ” have an avocado a day to look younger, live longer and be healthier.

Add avocado to original recipes, snacks, use it as a substitute for butter, cheese, egg as you would never have thought.

Get it and enjoy a long healthy life.



 Do avocados contain so many rejuvenating elements?

They are now a legendary fruit, they may have been the first superfood, apparently grown 15,000 years ago in Peru.

Avocados are fruits known now to have the highest content in Potassium, and Boron but also Glutathione, CoQ10.

These nutrients can explain the health benefits shown in clinical studies evaluating people eating avocados as a staple.

Some last clinical studies elevated avocado to functional food and isolated nutraceuticals. They are also the only fruits rich in good fats without sugar.

Theses qualities are constant in the different species.

To be rich in “good” fats, poor in sugars and in sodium, is very unique.

The book is explaining how adding avocado to your diet may heal and prevent loss of memory, cardiac diseases, stroke, macular degenerescence, and lower the risk to develop different kinds of cancers.

They are also part of weight loss programs, skin and hair treatment.

We find again avocado in life extension programs to slow the general aging process.

With 70 original simple recipes for various tastes, dietary restrictions, and level of expertise, everyone can find their bliss.


Some recipes are inspired by the most popular in this modern world. Some other recipes are using the best we know from the ancient Mexican treasure: how to pair it with many delicious foods.

We share also some recipe we created for us to be delicious and healthy.

Formerly a favorite among dinosaurs in California and giant mammals in  Mexico, avocados are packed with many nutrients that all humans need.

It’s sustainable, healthy and easy to eat. You can eat it raw, use as the bun in a burger, add it to a chocolate smoothie to make it creamy, and (among others) as the base for velvety homemade ice cream.

It is recognized as a secret weapon to lose weight while giving us plenty of energy and slowing down our aging process.

It is getting the favor of Millennials, worldwide.

Add avocado raw or cooked, in recipes and snacks, all around the clock, all around the year, and all over the world.

As a carrier avocados can deliver components found in your food or some supplements that will not work alone.


For this reason, The Avocado Affair will introduce you to avocado’s most notorious partners in health and yum, starting with its infamous compatriot: the cocoa bean.




The Avocado Affair Stack    The Avocado Affair can be downloaded as a pre-order.

The pre-orders are  US$ 21.95,  you will receive the hard copy with free shipping in the US and Canada in a few weeks.

About the Authors:

Alba Martin learned to read on a cookbook, made her first recipe at 5.

After a summer as a student-worker at the Texas Heart Institute, she majored in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies. Became a contributing writer for her university’s food page, later a blogger for Raw Guru.

Anne-Sophie has been a fervent meat eater, vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan. She currently resides in London, UK.

Dr Claude Martin-Mondière, MD, PhD

Lauréate de la Faculté de Médecine de Paris.

Ancienne Eleve de l’Institut Pasteur.

With this book, Claude wishes to share her “savoir-faire” enabling you to create something tasty and healthy if you ever have no time to cook a big meal.

Claude Martin-Mondière, MD, Ph.D. Physician by vocation, graduate in Paris France, post-Doc in Brain Research department in Chicago University, visiting professor, in Baylor College in Houston, Granted an American Patent for an ECMO pump.

Clinician but also laboratory expert, Claude learned how to eat and cook in Paris, and worldwide to stay healthy as a Parisian must be.

She is an immuno-clinician who has achieved personal recovery through nutrition.

Dr. Mondière blogs at https://www.starknakedhealth.com/.

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Copyright © 2019 Starknakedhealth.com, All rights reserved.


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5 reviews for “The Avocado Affair”

  1. Orlando

    Incredible book! It can save your life. This booklet is full of delicious and easy to make recipes for the entire family. Don’t wait another minute and invest in your health.

  2. Jacqueline

    Very informative! Well researched and easy to follow

    • Claude Mondiere (verified owner)

      Thank you

  3. Corina

    Such an easy read, very informative and can save your life! Best dollars I’ve spent and would highly recommend this to anyone!

    • Claude Mondiere (verified owner)

      Thank you

  4. Angelica

    Angelica – March 1, 2017

    Great book, I would recommend this to everyone has great recipes. They are easy to follow can’t wait to try them all!

  5. Mary Lopez (verified owner)

    This is a very good ebook, I have it and looking forward to getting the hardcover next! Super recipes and easy to follow for good health!
    Mary – Oct 30, 2017

    • Claude Mondiere (verified owner)

      Thank you

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