Home Dinner for Two with Love

Home Dinner for Two with Love

 Worldwide people celebrate Valentin’s Day as the expression of LOVE.

It is a romantic event giving a pinky color to love.

Let celebrate it with a home dinner to bring some fun and privacy. It is one of the busiest evenings for restaurants.

Eating is sexy as cooking may be.

As a very French woman, I learned how couples are built for good with private time.

My personal choice, Valentin’s day is a good moment to prepare a simply delicious dinner to share at home.

Light and simple, all prepared ahead to give time to communicate during this special evening.

I wanted to write a few menus for Valentin’s day that you will not find elsewhere.

I found my carnets from my twenties, with many recipes and menus on the theme “dinner for 2”.

Valentin’s day is February 14th, dinner for two is adviced to be repeated as often as there is a special need.


Have a Romantic Valentin’s day, enjoy the magic to be just 2 and have many more couple time.

A good dinner, rich in natural “Aphrodisiac” Foods, helps to open the door for difficult communication.

Vitamin Love is certainly the best life support.


You can start by sharing an avocado toast as a snack  when setting the table for a nice dinner ready to make your evening with Love









After dinner enjoy the vegan truffles

Healthy and delicious chocolate truffles

Guilt-free truffles








Menu 1

Chocolate-Avocado drink with vanilla and Honey, an invitation to a romantic moment


Bali Chocolate Avocado drink

Grilled and flamed lobster Normandy sauce

Salad of Endives and walnuts


Roseberry cream sorbet







Menu 2

From “the Avocado Affair”



Mediterranean Salas

Grilled Tuna with Green relish


Matcha icecream







Menu 3

Busy? Stay tuned and fit with the Avocado, Arugula Salmon salad.




Arugula salad

Chocolate mousse with strawberries





Menu 4

Let’s start…


Caviar on avocado slices

Lobster with herbs

Endives salad with truffles

Sacher Slices





From “The Avocado Affair ” copyright 2018 Alba Martin www.starknakedhealth.com

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