Acid Reflux, Eat better

Acid Reflux, Eat better

Acid Reflux, Eat better. Except if you have a birth defect in your digestive tract or an acquired special disease, you must not suffer from GERD. It is one of the foods born diseases costing a heavy burden in the western world and starting in developing countries. GERD is unknown…

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Make America Fit Again!

Health is Wealth.

What happened since the Great Depression?

These last 100 years gave us all scientific and medical progress to change the life expectancy.

Today, children have a shorter life expectancy than their parents, they have numerous diseases I have not learned during medical school, in the top of all, we face an epidemic obesity. 

Diabetes II, Cardiac failures, and 85% of cancers can be prevented with nutrition and lifestyle.

Health management is linked with weight management.

We are what we eat.  

Man showing weight loss with a plant base food and some exercises.

Reforming public health starts by changing food production and food distribution.

This done we can expect some lifestyle changes with more physical activities.

America was fit when the farmers were able to provide quality food from the best seeds, the best cattle, anywhere in the US.

The quality of farmers products was the start of the successful food industry with exportation.

I will avoid the sad past and the invasion of chemicals everywhere to jump from the 1929 great depression from to now.

The 21 st century great depression started after 9/11/2001. The wars reduced our freedom and changed in different ways the food quality.

70 % Organic plant base diet

It takes to be a hero to buy quality food today with a small income.

Every day is a new warning about what to avoid to eat.

Every day is a new story about a new pollution agent.

Simple food, eaten for centuries has to come back to the dinner table.

My solution is to use quality and nutritious food. Cook simple meals.





The big heap of sugar


  • Dressings must be savory and sugar-free.
  •  Most of the dessert new recipes have more sugar versus traditional.
  •  For all smoothies, vegetables, casseroles,  slow cooking there is no need to add sugar.

It is important to reconnect with the real taste of food.



  • Ban all soft drinks, sodas, and other processed fruit juices.
  • Stop to add sugar in your drinks: teas, coffee waters.

Ban processed food and dressing with added sugar


  • Eat Organic as often as you can.
  • Read the labels.
  • avoid GMO.
  • all food with chemicals


A snack to quiet any hunger with all you need


Start to know what looks like 200, 300, 500 cal of your favorite food.

Make portion and control them


Combine the different nutrients to enjoy a nutritious meal to deliver full strength energy without adding empty calories.

Add spices 

Avoid starchy food, keep a plant base diet with proteins, fibers, good fats.


The first question you have to ask yourself is the diet plan you draft is doable?

You have to evaluate every needs, time, energy and money.

It is better to start with a first step you control than to play the caterpillar, you are not a butterfly to be.

1/Quick: Design a new lifestyle reliable to your goals. 

Everything has to change, empty pantry and fridge from junk food.

2/Slow: Giving up one thing at a time to integrate the change without rear view option.

Both are working with similar results after 2 years.

“You program yourself to make it happens, receive the tools to achieve .”

1/Fast move 4-6 weeks

Cut off additional sugar and salt in anything you eat or drink.

Cut off all soft drinks, processed dressing prepackaged meals.

Do not add sugar in tea and coffee.

Start a nutrition plan: each meal must be limited to 500 Cal

Breakfast: charged in proteins, fibers, good fats, sugar brought only from 1 fruit portion, berries  kiwi, grapefruits are recommended,

Snack with raw veggies, juices without sugar, few nuts

Lunch with salads or steamed vegetable with a piece of lean meat or fish Make the dressing with a cream with avocado lime or just some lime juice and a teaspoon of nut oil

Dinner at home just a soup and a herbal tea.

If you need to have a social event go, eat as the others, drink water and when home, have a tea.

Fat burning soup ( detailed recipe at the shop )

Have a 7-10 days cure by eating only the fat burning soup anytime you feel some hunger.

Continue with:

Have 2 cups every day, for breakfast, lunch or dinner at your convenience.

Fasting during the weekend eating the soup all the day.

If you have a workout plan have a breakfast type before a workout, then have a soup after and for the rest of the day to adjust the weight loss from your goal.

Plan few  more days just eating fat burning soup to adjust your goal

Have a snack with hummus, or a “mendiant” (nuts and dark chocolate), to have a small treat and be happy.

2/ Slow move 3 months

A/ Keep sugar at bay

We know that most of the disruption in health is due to sugar.

These are the limits admitted after multiple studies:

Men: 38 grams or 9 teaspoons, 150 calories per day Women: 25 grams or 6 teaspoons, 100 calories per day

Read the labels before you buy something, do not buy products adding sugar, high fructose syrup, and other sweeteners.

B/Do not add salt

There is salt added in all processed food

Stop to buy prepackaged lunch, snack, salty nuts and other salty food.

They are addictive and health dangerous.

After starting to just be serious in cutting sugar then stop to add everywhere because your buds will be no more craving sugar, you will feel better and after 3 weeks of being 35-40 g /day of sugar for men and 25-30 for women, some weight is lost.

It is more difficult to cut the addition of salt, but it gives excellent results if it is done with the cut off sugar.

C/ Portion control.

Overweight is almost always due to overeating, most of the time with empty calories but not always.

It is good to start to eliminate these empty calories rich food and clean fridge and pantry from processed food, commercial dressing, high sweet desserts.

When this is done most people compensate with large portions, which is right during the change of food type, but a reduction of intake must follow to continue to lose weight.

It is the moment to have an idea of what is the size you need to eat.

A very easy way is to acquire dishes to deliver what you need with a portion controlled you can feel free to adjust.

No more than 2 fruits a day.

Be used to keep your hunger quiet but without total fullness.

Snack with a celery stick and hummus or ½ avocado with salsa, the good fat with fiber and minerals will cut the hunger and let you have the energy you need at work.

D/ Introduce the fat burning soup in your routine. ( detailed recipe available at the shop)

Use the fat burning soup at your convenience:

Once every other day,

Every day or more

Fast every week

One day per week eating only fat burning soup

This fast can be done alone or in addition to a workout.

When 20 pounds are lost by introducing the fat burning soup, the body shape has changed, it is time to think maintenance and design a nutrition plan to be the person you want to be.

You can reach a more spectacular achievement. It is your decision which will make the difference.

If you are no sure that having a BMI under 25 is healthy, get the list of recent works showing how obesity is involved in most diseases.

SOURCE: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Date Posted: 4/3/2017

Article Title As Weight Goes Up, So Does Death Risk

Heart disease, cancer, other illnesses start to take a toll, study says


200 Pages where each recipe  is described with its health benefits


How to lose 20 pounds and keep it off

How to lose 20 pounds and keep it off

A/MAKING THE DECISION    Why to lose weight? It is simple to lose weight when you are prepared to make what it needs to be the  person you want to be.       The list is long , you have to make it When to make it ? Procrastination is the danger…

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